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Johnstown lies in a section of Ohio originally designated as the U.S. Military Tract.  This area was set aside as a means of paying Revolutionary War soldiers for their service.  The land on which Johnstown sits was originally deeded to John Brown, a veteran from Kentucky, but in 1810 he sold it to a New Yorker, Dr. Oliver Bigelow.  Bigelow laid out the village in 1813, donating the streets and Town Square. 

Since the 1970's rapid growth in the area has continued, but the some of the growth has shifted from the Village itself to Monroe and adjacent townships.  There has been growth within the Village, though, such as the Concord Crossing and Leafy Dell subdivisions and the development of a new business district on the "Hill" on West Coshocton Street.  The origins of the newcomers have changes once again, too.  Now, most new residents who are not from neighboring communities come from Columbus (especially the North End and northeastern suburbs such as Westerville and Gahanna) or from northern Ohio.  A variety of new churches and service-oriented businesses have appeared.  With these changes, the economic transformation of the community is virtually complete.  Agriculture has faded considerably, especially as many former farms have been converted to residential land and Johnstown can now be characterized as a bedroom community for Columbus.

Village Manager Sarah Phillips - Sarah Phillips came to Johnstown in the spring of 2003. She has been the Village Manager since that time. Visit the Village at


Important Contacts

Village Manager Sarah Phillips (740) 967-3177 email
Finance Director Sandra Berry (740) 967-3177 email
Village Clerk Gina Hunt (740) 967-3177 email
Finance / Utility Clerk Sue Angle (740) 967-5951 email
Income Tax Director Karen Wilson (740) 967-5091 email
Zoning Officer Dan Glaze (740) 967-2600 email
Street Director Randy Ashbrook (740) 967-4618 email
Police Chief Don Corbin (740) 967-6105 email
Utility Director Jack Liggett (740) 967-4746 email
Parks and Recreation Director Jean Moyer (740) 967-3313 email

Emergency Contact Information
For an emergency, always dial 911
Johnstown Police Department - 740-967-9911 or 740-967-0911
Licking County Sheriff's Department - 740-349-6400
Johnstown Fire Department - 740-967-2976

School Resource Officer Chris Cooperrider - 740-967-9911


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Lisa McKivergin 124 S. Main St. Granville, OH 43023 Phone: 740-587-1900 Fax: 740-587-0583 Email Lisa